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Each year thousands of tattoo artists, piercers, electrologists, permanent make-up artists, and microblading technicians take our online bloodborne pathogens courses because we:

• Explain complex regulations clearly
• Show how to achieve and maintain high standards of practice
• Provide valuable course resources

We also answer our phone 7 days a week. How many trainers do that?

Kathy Hartman, the founder of Body Art Training Group, is an OSHA Authorized General Industry Trainer and a California Registered Environmental Health Specialist. She has the experience and knowledge to help you operate safely.

• In 1998, Kathy wrote body art safety standards for the California Conference of Local Health Officers
• In 2002, she drafted body art safety regulations for the California Department of Health Services
• Kathy was a co-founder, director, and officer of the California Alliance for the Promotion of Safe Body Art (2003 2010)
• In 2006, she received the Distinguished Service Award from the California Environmental Health Association for helping improve body art safety in California
• She’s given body art BBP training throughout the United States and in Thailand, South Korea, China, Philippines, and Viet Nam.
• Kathy currently serves as a body art industry member on these advisory committees:
  Body Art Committee of the Association of Food and Drug Officials
  Body Art Working Group of the California Conference of Directors of Environmental Health

Join other body art practitioners and take your annual bloodborne pathogens training from us.

You’ll get a BBP certificate that’s recognized and respected nationally and internationally.

Even more importantly, you’ll get training that will help keep you and your clients safe.

When you work safely, word spreads and your business grows.