Body art bloodborne pathogens training
that gives you more than just a certificate.

Permanent cosmetics BBP training  

Kathy giving bloodborne pathogens training to permanent makeup artists in Bangkok, Thailand

Kathy Hartman

Founder, Body Art Training Group

Kathy gets it.

She knows taking time away from work to do annual bloodborne pathogens training can seem to be an unnecessary burden.

But it doesn't have to be that way. Bloodborne pathogens courses don't have to be dull and hard to understand.

That’s why Kathy made sure our training is worth every moment of your time.

When you take one of our courses, you'll get coached on how to:

  • Be ready for inspections and exposure incidents
  • Do infection prevention procedures consistently and attentively
  • Achieve and maintain high standards of practice

You’ll get more than just a bloodborne pathogens certificate; you’ll get effective training that will help protect you and your clients from infection and disease.

Take a course and see for yourself!

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Offering online body art bloodborne pathogens training is just one of the many things Kathy has done to help improve body art safety.

A few examples:

  • Wrote body art safety standards for the California Conference of Local Health Officers, and drafted body art safety regulations for the California Department of Health Services
  • Gave in-person bloodborne pathogens training throughout the United States, and in Thailand, South Korea, China, Philippines, and Vietnam
  • Received the Distinguished Service Award from the California Environmental Health Association for  helping improve body art safety in California

Kathy currently serves on the Body Art Committee of the Association of Food and Drug Officials and on the Model Body Art Code Committee of the National Environmental Health Association.

She is a member of the:

  • California Environmental Health Association
  • Florida Environmental Health Association
  • National Environmental Health Association

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When you work safely, word spreads and your business grows.