Making the Smart Choice

As a body art professional, you deserve the very best bloodborne pathogens training. And that's what you'll get from us -- a master class on how to protect you and your clients from infection and disease.

Many BBP courses offered by other companies, however, are dull, disorganized, and only give superficial coverage to important infection prevention topics.

If you’ve taken one of these ineffective courses we understand your frustration.

That’s why we’ve designed our body art BBP courses to be clear, lively, and of immediate practical use.

So, how do we do this?

  • Kathy Hartman, the founder of Body Art Training Group, has been training body art professionals on how to work safely for 22 years. When you take one of our courses you get the benefit of her specialized knowledge and experience.  See About Us >>
  • We use well-established e-Learning principles to make our online bloodborne pathogens courses interesting, well-organized and thoughtful.
  • We give you step-by-step procedures and checklists to help you remain attentive to safety.

Stop being frustrated by ineffective training.

Make the smart choice and upgrade your annual BBP training by taking one of our courses.

You’ll get more than just a certificate.

You’ll get effective training that will help keep you and your clients safe.

When you work safely, word spreads and your business grows.