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Since 2010, our outstanding bloodborne pathogens courses and great customer service have helped thousands of tattoo artists, piercers, and permanent makeup artists . . .

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Protect clients from infection, disease, and allergic reaction


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When you work safely, word spreads and your business grows.

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Our body art bloodborne pathogens courses are OSHA-compliant
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We make body art BBP training stress-free.

  • If you can’t finish a course all at once, take a break as needed and return to pick up where you left off.
  • If you lose your BBP certificate, sign in to your account and download a replacement.
  • If a health inspector questions your certificate, use our website’s Certificate Validation Tool to prove it’s a valid certificate.


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The whole course is amazing! It's perfectly designed.

Mercedes - Permanent Cosmetics Technician



Keeping your clients safe is a big responsibility.

But what did you get from the last bloodborne pathogens course you took? 

Do you know what to do and where to go after an exposure incident?

Do you know what an exposure determination is?

Are you using the appropriate engineering controls and work practice controls?

Can you give your clients a quick and clear explanation of your infection prevention procedures?

Are you absolutely sure you’re using PPE correctly?

Are you prepared for your next inspection?

Take One Of Our Body Art Bloodborne Pathogens Courses.

 Know what’s required.

Know how to do it.

Know you’re protecting yourself, your clients, and your business.


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